La fille sur le pont (1999), Patrice Leconte


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i hate perfect people

which is why i hate myself

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Tim Burton and Winona Ryder on the set of Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Laura Ponte by Jacques Olivar for Vogue España December 1998


 Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones.


The Stones on making Some Girls, 1978 

Mick: I’m very pleased with what the band was playing in Paris, when we recorded. And I’m pleased with what I’m playing too. I played guitar on the album, I enjoyed very much playing guitar - more than singing almost. I like to do both, but the thing is, I can’t do both very well yet, that’s the trouble… The rest of the band was very cute about it to me and Keith gave me a guitar as a Christmas present. He had it specially made for me, it was nice… Yeah, I think (the album)’s great. I think it’s one of my best..

Keith: And it all came together very nicely. And you gotta remember it was Ronnie’s first full album, first real album with the Stones. Some Girls was kind of like Beggars Banquet. Like we’d been away for a bit, and we came back with a bang.

Ronnie: These Paris sessions have made me realize how much of a Rolling Stone I always have been. It’s really weird. I feel like I’ve been with them right from the start .There aren’t any filler tracks on this album. The band was most aware of avoiding that. From the start we KNEW the album was going to be full of strong tracks.

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